About Us

Azchavattom News Weekly is the first product of the Azchavattom Publications, a weekly journal pertaining to news from India and USA, about Indians in USA. It is owned by a Woman and minorities, and 100% of the workers are of Indian origin.

The purpose is to develop an enterprise – a publication organization- to promote and encourage people of Indian origin to actively participate in the American way of life, exchange their experience while assimilating with the American culture. It is an avenue for them to read news /articles which are of their social interest and heritage, as well as a forum to express their opinions and views. It is also a setting for the youth to exchange their views, concerns, learn from scholarly writers, professionals, and answer some of their questions. Additionally it is a site for them to get informed of the federal, state and city regulations and news affecting them.

It is also our intention to undertake publication of books special preference given to the authors of Indian origin and subjects or themes which is related to their life.

Product and Service

The primary product offered will be several-page newsprint offering news, in-depth interviews with featured persons (holistic practitioners, authors, teachers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, futurists, etc.); book, audio, and video reviews; calendar of events—local and national; guest writers of articles; directory listings; and advertisements from persons or businesses that fit into the scope of the publication.

The Market

The goal is to provide a weekly newspaper, paid for by advertising and subscriptions. The Indian community in the United States added more than 640,000 to its number in the last five years, a growth rate with no precedent in the history of Indian immigration to the U.S. From 1,678,765 in 2000, the population grew to 2,319,222 in 2005, a growth rate of 38%, the highest for any Asian community. The 2000 Census found the Indians the fastest growing community showing an increase of 106% during 1990-2000. This is the ultimate market we want to capture. Our focus is to expand the distribution to major cities in the United States. Figuring a 1% minimum interested population results in an initial startup market. Customers will be approached through distribution points. Also it will be distributed in the major annual functions of Malayalee Indians all across USA. There are numerous annual conventions of Malayalee Indians belonging to a number of Hindu religious organizations and temples; Christian community - catholic, orthodox and protestant churches; social and civic organizations such as World Malayalee Council (WMC), local Indian social organizations such as Kerala Association of New York Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey, Boston, Washington etc; Federation of Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA), Federation of Malayalee Associations in Americas (FOMMA).

Location of Business

Azchavattom Enterprise will be located in Sugar Land, Texas. Azchavattom Publications will be published from Houston.


Azchavattom weekly began with an estimated readership of approximately 10,000 as it is circulated within Indian Churches, Temples, Indian Social and Cultural Organizations across USA. Our goal is to have a readership in the first year 50,000; second year 100,000; gradually increasing to an expected readership of 500,000.